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Stay At Home PArent

Karen is a stay-at-home living nearby in the Clemson area. With three kids she tends to have a pretty packed schedule and is constantly running errands. With two boys, one in the third grade and one in the fourth, she finds herself traveling to the schools and then to their baseball and soccer practices an awful lot. Not to mention her daughter who is in the sixth grade, and participates in dance regularly after school. Because of this, her car tends to get pretty messy, but she rarely has time to clean it.

- Is often short on time trying to make sure her three children are where they need to be throughout the day.
- Carrying lots of dirty sports equipment to her children's sports practices has dirtied the car
- Is sometimes embarrassed to drive other children or adult friends because of the condition of her car.

- Would like to present a clean car to people she cares about and is willing to give rides to.
- Wants a time efficient but thorough clean
- Willing to pay a proper amount of money, but always looking for a deal.

College Athlete

Brandon is a Junior at Clemson University playing varsity football. Everyday he balances school, his girlfriend, and practice. He barely has any time and his cleats are beginning to make the car smell horrible. Next Friday Brandon has a date with his girlfriend; however, she will be so mad if the car smells bad.

- Brandon has so much going on and does not have the time in his day to go clean his car.
- His car is beginning to smell really bad and getting very dirty.

- To take his girlfriend on a sweet date and not have her ride in his gross car
- He does not want to waste his day going to clean his car

Parent Working 9-5 Job

James is a dad of 2 who is working a 9-5 job. With these hours combined with a demanding job, James is swamped when he comes home and has to take care of two kids and get dinner ready while preparing for his next day of work at the same time.

- Time constraint with his job and kids
- Working a 9-5, he is tight on finances
- His car is dirty from his kids when he drives them to and from school.

- James wants a clean environment because of his stressful job and his responsibility of taking care of his kids
- Looking for an affordable price to get his car cleaned

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