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About Us

"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we're just washing it."
Clemson Based

Created by CU Students

This business idea was born from the minds of Clemson students looking to save time. Time is a valuable asset and not having to go through the woes of thoroughly cleaning your car every 2 weeks can save hours of time - when done properly.

Why Us?

Inside Detail

External Wash



Time Cost

Quality of Wash

Base Price

Tiger Express Wash

10-30 Minutes


$8 - $35

Spark Car Wash

1-2 Hours


$45 - $95

Tiger Bubble Bath


30 Minutes




DIY in your driveway

1-3 Hours

$150 - $1250

Level of
Customer Effort






1-2 Hours




Competitive Summaries

Spark Car Wash

Our unique advantage as a company is to fill a gap in the car wash solutions currently offered in the Clemson area. The services offered are either cheap, strenuous, and don't offer a very good clean or they are very expensive and offer the best clean possible. Our goal is to fill the gap between these 2 extremes by providing a really great and fast clean for both the interior and exterior of a car. We will market and price our company at a reasonable price between our competition and for any additional services, the customer may pay extra as they desire.

Tiger Bubble Bath

This is a relatively convenient location to wash your car and for an outstanding price. However, Tiger Bubble Bath only offers the tools to perform and exterior wash. While this is the main focus for most people looking to clean their car, this service also requires customers to drive to the facility and wash their cars themselves. We would not only be bringing this service to them in addition to performing the wash for them, but also offer other services to enhance the experience.

ZV Detailing

This is a detailing business founded by Clemson students that primarily focuses on detailing vehicles such as cars, and boats. ZV Detailing is able to clean vehicles and provide a significantly higher level of service than most of our other competitors. However, their high-end services come with an appropriately high-end price tag. While there are many consumers looking for this type of services, there are just as many, if not more, consumers that likely want a great service for their vehicle above your standard car wash but not to the caliber or price of ZV Detailing's services. This is the niche Spark Car Wash is looking to fill.

Tiger Express Wash

Another relatively quick and convenient service that many consumers are able to use that allows them to wash the exterior of their cars is Tiger Express Wash. However, this service requires the customer to drive to the location to receive their service while also being required to clean the interior of their cars themselves. Our key selling point is allowing our customers to remain at home and continue with whatever they need to accomplish while we provide the service wholly for them. In addition, we also offer other services well beyond the offerings of this competitor.

DIY Car wash

This is certainly a competitor we have had to consider as many people are in fact able to clean their own cars using their own supplies and be however detailed they wish to be. While this is an option for all, this is the exact problem our company is looking to solve. The customer could go out and buy all the materials needed to provide the cleaning, and then spend the time to accomplish this. Or, they could simply pay for our service and allow us to come to them in order to fulfill all of these needs.
Meet our Team
Brendan Fisher

- Has founded 2 companies focused on web development and marketing
- 5+ Years in customer service related work
- 3+ Years in IT related work

Crawford Folk

- Founded an aerial marketing company
- Previously held position in data analytics

Luke Ryder

- Previously held marketing positions for multiple companies
- Assisted in development of the online presence of country singer Andrew Beam
- Creative Writer for Music Blog

Harden Wrenn

- Assisted in Operations with a chemical distribution company
- Manages books for an LA based modeling agency

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